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Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a safe, supportive learning environment with opportunities for all students to develop the skills and knowledge to become a responsible citizen in a global society.

2020 Summer Reading

We encourage our students to read over the summer.  Suggested reading includes the 2020-2021 SSYRA books as well as short stories from a website that offers short stories for free.  Both are linked below.

2021 Washington, D.C. Trip for our 8th Graders:

Dear Parents and Students,

We are excited to announce the 2021 Washington, D.C. Trip for our 8th Grade.  On this once-in-a-lifetime adventure, students will explore our nation's most important historical sites and will experience incomparable learning moments.  This will be a trip that your child will be talking about for years to come!

Find more detailed information here: Washington, D.C. Trip Flyer