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Virtual History Day Fair 2020-21

Check out the 2020-21 National History Day projects listed below.

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The Translation of the Rosetta Stone

The Rosetta Stone

Morse Code

The Troubled: Deaf and Blind Communication Throughout the Years

The First Steps of Communication

Graffiti as Communication Through Time

The Dead Sea

The Telegraph

Communication During Ancient Egyptian Times

Dawn of the Radio

The Ancient Readings on the Walls

Sign Language

Pigeon Power

The Book of the Dead

Nursery Rhymes

How Did the Telegraph Affect the Civil War?

Bernard Romans - The Map Makers

The Mahabharata

The Adventures of Marco Polo: Inspiration for Discovery

The History of Hernando de Soto: How he Arrives and Explores Florida

Jonathan Dickinson Shipwreck, Suffering and Survival on Florida's East Coast

Lighting the Way: Florida Lighthouses and Their Role in Opening the Atlantic and Gulf Coast

The NASA Satellites

9/11 Last Voice Messages Sent to Loved Ones

The 9/11 Tragedy

Cell Phone Messages of Love: The Last Recorded Calls of the Victims of 9/11

The Horror of Disaster at "Ground Zero" in Real Time



Cypress Gardens

The Real Meaning of Ring Around the Rosie

Women's Rights are Human's Rights

The Communication Between The American Fighter Escorts and American Bombers Over Europe

Cold War Chaos

Spies in the Revolutionary War

The Usage of Radio Moscow in the Cold War

Spies of the Cold War

Use of Military Dogs in World War One

Bill Gates: Career & After